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The Top 10 Things to Do on Kerala Tourism Map

“In the summer months of 2013, Kerala Tourism decided to create a map highlighting the top 10 things that tourists should check out. The map was created using data from studies, research, and online content. This article talks about what makes the top 10 on the map and how they were calculated.”

What are the main Kerala tourism spots?

Some of the main tourist destinations in Kerala are Kochi, Munnar, and Alappuzha. Kochi is the commercial capital of Kerala and is home to the famous Cochin Harbour. Munnar is a popular hill station that offers views of the mountains and lush green forests. Alappuzha is known for its backwaters and beaches.

Which places to visit in Kerala?

Kerala is a beautiful state with many attractions to explore. Some of the top places to visit in Kerala include Kumarakom, Munnar, and Thiruvananthapuram. Kumarakom is a paradise for nature lovers. It has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala and is home to several animal sanctuaries. Munnar is known for its tea plantations and misty forests. It is also a popular tourist destination for hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching. Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala and is home to many historical monuments, including the Malabar Palace. It also has a lot of cultural activities available, such as art exhibitions and music concerts.

Where should you stay?

When planning your Kerala tourism, it is important to consider where you will be staying. There are several wonderful options available in Kerala, from luxurious five-star hotels to traditional villages that offer a more authentic experience. One of the best places to stay in Kerala is at the Aman resorts. These resorts are located on the Kumarakom and Nilgiris ranges, and offer a variety of options for tourists. Aman resorts also have their own waterfalls and beaches, which make for lovely evening strolls. If luxury is not your cup of tea, then you can also consider staying in one of the many budget hotels in Kerala. These hotels are located all over the state, and offer great value for money. You can even find some great deals if you book well in advance. No matter what type of accommodation you choose, be sure to explore all of the wonderful attractions that Kerala has to offer. From spice markets to magnificent churches, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful state.

What to eat and drink in Kerala?

Kerala is a land of great food and drink. If you’re looking to fill your stomach, look no further than the local restaurants and eateries. You’ll find everything from traditional Kerala dishes to international favourites. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try a Kerala sweetmeat or pasty. These treats are made from a variety of fruits and are often filled with nuts or chocolate. If you’re thirsty, there’s no shortage of places to quench your thirst in Kerala. From coconut water to fresh fruit juices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. In addition to food and drink, Kerala is home to some of the best tourist attractions in India. From ancient temples to lush beaches, there’s plenty to see and do in this beautiful state.

How much do things cost in Kerala?

Kerala is known for its beautiful beaches and lush green landscape. There are a variety of things to do in Kerala, from visiting famous tourist spots like Kochi and Munnar to exploring the backwaters. One of the most popular things to do in Kerala is visit the tea plantations. The plantations offer a unique opportunity to see how tea is made. Prices for things like tea and snacks can vary depending on the location, but generally they are quite affordable. Kerala also has a variety of traditional festivals that are worth experiencing. The biggest festival in Kerala is Durga Puja, which is celebrated throughout the state. There are also regional festivals that should be visited, like the Vallikkunnu carnival in Malappuram district. There are a number of ways to explore Kerala without spending a fortune. Whether you want to visit popular tourist spots or explore less-known areas, there are plenty of options available.

Useful apps for tourists

There are a lot of useful apps available for tourists in Kerala. Some of the most popular apps include Kerala Travel, which offers information about attractions, places to eat and sleep, and more. Kerala Hotels also has an app that provides information about hotels in different parts of the state. Another great app for tourists is Kerala Tourism. This app offers a wealth of information about the state, including details about attractions, events, and places to stay. It also has a map that shows all the different tourist spots in the state.