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Explore Kerala: Best Holiday Packages – The Real Best of India

One of the most popular holiday destinations in India, Kerala is often found on the bucketlist of travellers. What makes this place so popular? Whether you are looking for a wellness retreat or want to indulge in some authentic Kerala culture, this blog has got you covered with the best Kerala packages.

Kerala is the Best Holiday Packages destination in India

Kerala is the perfect destination for a holiday package. With its beautiful beaches, backwaters, and lush green landscape, Kerala is a paradise for tourists. The real best of India is found here. The best way to explore Kerala is by visiting the different towns and villages. There are so many attractions to see that you will not be able to fit them all into one trip. You can choose to stay in an Airbnb or hotel in each town or stay in a homestay if you want to get a more authentic experience. There are so many things to see and do in Kerala that it is hard to pick just a few highlights. Some of the attractions include: -Thekkady National Park – This park is home to many different types of wildlife, including elephants, sloth bears, deer, and monkeys. -Athirapalli Falls – This waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Kerala and is located near Palakkad. -Strawberry Hills – This hill station is known for its strawberries, which can be picked fresh during the summer months. -The spice market at Kochi – If you love spices then you need to

Types of Vacations to Kerala

Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The state is home to some of India’s most beautiful beaches and hill stations. There are many types of vacations that you can take to Kerala, such as nature trips, religious pilgrimages, beach holidays, and city breaks. Here we have compiled the best holiday packages for you that include everything from luxury hotels to farm stays and cultural experiences. You can choose any type of package that interests you and make your vacation dreams a reality. Luxury Holidays in Kerala There are many luxury hotels in Kerala that offer amazing facilities and services for guests. Some of the best luxury hotels in Kerala include the Lalit Ashok Hotel in Kochi, the Fort Mariamman Palace in Kovalam, and the Shangri-La Vila Golf & Spa Resort at Muvattupuzha. These hotels offer all types of amenities, including world-class cuisine, luxurious rooms, and engaging staff who will make your stay unforgettable. Religious Pilgrimages to Kerala If you are interested in religious pilgrimages, then Kerala is definitely the destination for you.

What to do in Kerala?

Kerala is a perfect place for a holiday. The weather is always warm and the people are kind and welcoming. There are so many things to do in Kerala, and each region has its own attractions. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, Kerala is the place to be. Here are some of the best places to visit: 1) The beaches of Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. 2) The rolling hills of Palakkad are perfect for hiking or cycling. 3) The backwaters of Alappuzha are full of boat rides and beautiful villages. 4) The city of Kochi is full of interesting old buildings and busy markets.

How to Explore Kerala

If you’re planning a trip to India and are looking for somewhere stunning and cultural to explore, look no further than Kerala. This mesmerising state is known for its lush green landscape, stunning temples and beaches. Here are some of the best holiday packages available in Kerala to help you get the most out of your trip. Kerala is easily accessible from both Mumbai and Bangalore, making it a great place to base yourself if you want to explore both cities as well. There are plenty of activities on offer in Kerala, from yoga retreats to fishing trips, so there’s something for everyone. And if you want to relax and take in the natural beauty of Kerala, there are plenty of options for that too – from Ayurvedic treatments at resorts to hiking through the backwaters. Whatever your interests may be, Kerala has something for you. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an exciting journey into India’s ancient history and culture, make sure to check out Kerala!